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The Rumors Are True…Andy Purchases Another Bus…A Big One!

Yes, the rumors are true, I finally purchased a full-size luxury motorcoach! After nearly 18 months of research, countless encounters with motorhome salespeople, multiple trips to various motorhome factories around the USA, numerous test drives and kicking a heck of a lot of tires, I finally found the right coach for my future traveling needs. Before I tell you more about this coach, allow me to answer the one question regular readers and viewers will... Read More

Everglades Isle Resort Review: Relaxing, Scenic and Fresh Stone Crabs!

Had I not been advised by a friend to check out Everglades Isle, I may have never considered visiting this upscale motorcoach resort. That’s because it’s set just off-the-beaten-path in an area better known for fishing, air boat rides and being the home of stone crab fisheries than it is as a location for a luxury waterfront motorhome resort. While I’ll go into great detail about my first visit to Everglades Isle, I’ll cut to the chase and state... Read More

A Conversation With The President Of Spartan Motors Specialty Vehicles

Let’s face it, whether you’re currently a motorhome owner or if you’re in the midst of the selection process, there’s a good chance that you have a long list of questions. But the biggest question of them all is: Where do you go for answers? As I’ve stated in previous posts, shopping for a motorhome is a confusing process. It’s my experience that most salespeople are more than cordial and are well equipped to answer questions regarding financing and do... Read More

Aztec RV Resort Is A Hidden Gem Of Upscale Motorcoach Resorts

Until just a week before my first visit, I wasn’t even aware the Aztec RV Resort existed. Considering it’s located near Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and only an hour drive from my home, I was wondering why the forums I frequent weren’t discussing this gated Class A motorcoach community. It only took one visit to understand why… A video tour of this resort appears is located at the end of this story. It seems the answer is because approximately 85%... Read More

Just A Few Days Remaining To Subscribe To DirecTV Now At A Protected Price

While I’ll be posting a review in the near future, just a note that if you currently subscribe to AT&T cellular service, you may want to take a look at DirecTV’s “DirecTV Now” service. The inaugural “Go Big” promotional plan of $35 for 100 channels is set to expire on January 9th and the price will jump to $60 per month after that date. Those who take advantage of the offer will be grandfathered for... Read More



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