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The Day The Safety Catch Leash Saved Lucy

When a Friend asks for a review of a product, it can be a difficult situation. What happens it the product is lackluster? Do you tell your Friend the truth and deflate the dreams of future success? Suppose the Friend is one of those people who would do just about anything for you, because she’s just one of those types of Friends? So, what do you in this situation? I’ve been there and done that... Read More

Apple Watch Gives Andy ATWTS: A Trip With Tech Support

Allow me to state upfront, yes, I like my Apple Watch. I’m glad I purchased it and I’ll have no hesitancy recommending this product to others. However, the Apple Watch is not for everyone as it’s a personal item and it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of product. It brings some innovative and useful features to your wrist, but, like other first generation products, it’s not perfect and this user experienced a few “early adopter” quirks.... Read More

Dyson Provides Service In A Vacuum

I was thinking about titling this story: Dyson Sucks. But since Dyson is best known for its vacuum cleaners, that may have been interpreted as being a compliment. While I’ve been a fan of Dyson products and its customer service in the past, I’m starting to change my mind. Before I post my most recent experience with Dyson Customer Service, allow me to first tell you why I’ve purchased multiple Dyson vacuum cleaners in the... Read More



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