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How To’s

Prevost For Newbies Part 2: The Drivers, Or Working Side Of The Bus

As we learned from Part 1 of my Prevost For Newbies video, the passenger side bays can be considered the entertainment side as they contain the BBQ grill and refrigerator, pull out table, TV and audio systems and other features that are considered to be recreational. In this video Gil Johnson and myself will focus on the rear and the driver’s side of the coach bays. It’s in this area you’ll find the inverter/charger, plumbing... Read More

An Easy New Year’s Resolution: Check Your Air Brakes! Here’s How:

New Year’s Resolutions seem to be promises you make to yourself, but more times than not, are forgotten very quickly. Here’s one that any RV, Motorhome, Motorcoach or Bus Owner should consider and the best part is, using this video as a guide, it’s easy to follow and it only takes a few minutes. While I produced this video about performing an air brake test a few months ago during my bus’s maiden voyage, I’ve found... Read More

Will Flat Towing A Mini Cooper Behind A RV Void The Warranty?

Now that I’ve purchased my vintage bus, I’m in the midst of shopping for an appropriate tow dinghy vehicle. I say appropriate as my bus is 59 years old and only 34 feet in length and it simply is not wise to attempt to pull a large SUV as it may place too much stress on the various engine components. So in my search, I set out to find an appropriate vehicle that weighed in... Read More

Video: How To Perform An Air Brake Test On A Motorhome or RV

The last thing any motorhome or RV operator wants to experience is the panic of pressing the brake pedal (service brake) and not having any stopping power. Because motorhomes and RVs use an air system to activate the brakes, an air brake test should be conducted every time you get behind the wheel. The good news is checking this system is a fairly simple process and it only takes a few minutes. In this video, you’ll see... Read More

Chapter 12: Shopping For A Motorhome – Is Pre-Owned Or New The Best Route?

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts about shopping for my first motorhome, you already know that I’ve been exploring the concept of buying my Last Coach First. This theory came to light when I visited my Friend, Mike in Las Vegas and he provided a tour and a ride in his new 2016 Newmar King Aire. Mike’s first (or starter) coach was a new 40′ Tiffin model and while he had many positives... Read More



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